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Fall Fair Festivities-

We are looking for two or three people who could start planning the Bloomsburg Fair Herb Guild Exhibit. Contact 
Bonnie Burke 
for details. 

We also need
small potted herbs for the display.
Please bring them to our August meeting.

Start a compost
pile this year.
For helpful tips, 
click on  "Guide to Composting at Home" on the Web Links page.
The Bloomsburg Town Park Herb Garden needs a few
guardian angels from our Guild for a spring makeover.
Call Tammy Derr at 441-5123 if you can give an hour or two.
Smart Gardening
Tips and Tricks

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Happy July 4th from Ellis Island, NY
Happy Birthday America!
The Fishing Creek Herb Guild welcomes you to our website. We hope that you enjoy your visit and come back again.
Thanks, John, for hosting a very nice picnic for our club. Not only did our president host the party, but he gave garden tours to the group. Click on "John's Garden 2016" web page for photos.
Annual Dues
Herb Guild Dues
are $15 per year.
Prospective members 
interested in joining
us may audit one
meeting at no charge.
See you there.
Save these dates:  
March 17th- 6:30 pm
April 21st- 6:30 pm
May 19th- 6:30 pm
June 9th- 6:30 pm
July 21st- 6 pm
August 18th- 6:30 pm
Sept. 15th - 6:30 pm
Oct. 20th - 6:30 pm
Nov. 17th - 6:30 pm
Dec. 8th - 6 pm
Garden Quote
of the Month
The activity of happiness
must occupy an entire
lifetime; for one swallow
does not a summer make.
Guild Plant Sale
Our annual plant sale was held on
May 19th and was a huge success.
This is our club's main fundraiser
for the year and was well attended
by our membership.

Thanks to- 
-each member who donated
 beautiful and healthy plants,
-members who bid on plants
-those who donated extra cash 
 for leftover plants
-Bobbi Fleming and the Plant
 Sale Committee for their effort
 in making the event go smoothly.

Petals and Pods, the Elysburg garden club,
has invited us to a gardening symposium on August 4th. The registration deadline is
July 29th. Details are on the Potpourri web page.

What's New? 

Our next mtg 

is August 18th 

at 6:30 pm.

Sue Hunter from 

Heartwood Nursery

will provide our



What's growing in

John's Garden?

Check out the photos 

of his beautiful 

garden retreat.

Click on the

"John's Garden/2016"

web page.


Circle August 10th on
your calendar-
You're invited to a 
"Weeding" party this 
summer at the Bloomsburg 
Town Park. Join Tammy
Derr and Deb Wilson
@5:30 pm on the second 
Wednesday of each 
month to care for the
Herb Guild Garden.

Bring garden tools, hat,
bug spray and water.
You can park in the
garden area for 
maintenance work.
The garden is enjoyed by
residents and visitors to
the park all year long.
Afterward, listen to
live entertainment at
the band shell.
Mary Brenner's flower,
herb and bird slideshow
has been e-mailed to 
members. The web address
is at the bottom of this
column for those members
who do not get e-mails.

Did anyone on the guild
trip take a picture?
If you have a shot that
you'd like to share, send 
to the webmaster of
this site. 
Have a gardening
question? -maybe the
answer is found on our
Web Links page.
Haven't been to a Guild
meeting in a while?
Go to the building behind
the parking lot at the YAC,
Youth Activities Center,
across the street from
the Shiloh Bible Church,
123 Church Street,
Bloomsburg, PA. 17815.
Church is in Almedia-
Go to
"Where Are We?"
web page for directions
to our meeting home.
Monthly Herb Study
Each month an herb is
studied for its variety of uses
including medicinal, culinary
and ornamental. If you are
interested in learning more
about herbs and gardening, 
attend a meeting to see if you
would like to become a
member of the Herb Guild

1st Place Herb Display
Bloomsburg Fair 2015
Herb Guild 2016
April Program Slides 
with Photographer, 
Mary Brenner