Fishing Creek Herb Guild

May/June 2014 

                                     JUNE MEETING

The Plant Sale Committee was given a round of applause and a

hearty thank you for the success of this year's guild fund raiser. Congratulations to Bobbi Fleming for leading this hard working


Our Trip Committee is working on last minute details for the

bus excursion to the NJ Botanical Garden and then on to a series of Connecticut gardens next week. The bus leaves from Buckhorn on June 24th for a three day excursion.

President John Shott invited members to his home at 73 Gaylord St. in Plymouth for a Garden Party on Sunday, July 13th at 1 pm. Please call John at 570-225-6913 to RSVP.

Directions: Take route 11 to Plymouth. Turn left onto Girard Steet and look for Wyoming Valley West High School. Park along that street as John's back yard is along Girard St. and look for an amazing garden with a welcome sign on this block. If you park on Gaylord Street, John's home is about halfway down the block and features a white fence around the home with the best curb appeal on the block from his beautiful plants. John's garden tour from last year is on this web site for a sneak peak.

Dawn Keamer taught us everything we needed to know about the

herb of the month, Borage. She covered botanical information about the plant and gave us examples of medicinal uses for this herb.

Dan Gasteiger presented a program on preserving and canning foods. He explained the differences between hot water bath canning and pressure canning and discussed the importance of following instructions correctly. He also went over techniques of blanching, freezing and drying foods.

Dan spoke from his personal experiences with preserving foods and recommended using produce as it is in season for preserving. He brought a variety of his home canned and dried items from his home pantry and admitted to being obsessed with preserving foods.

Dan passed around samples of his dried raisins and bananas. 

Afterward, Dan shared his homemade bread and butter pickles and hot pepper jam over cream cheese on crackers at the buffet table. He gratiously signed his book, Yes You Can! and Freeze and Dry It Too for members who requested.

The June hostesses outdid themselves with a plethera of summer

salads, baked dishes and fruity desserts for the buffet table. What a feast!

Members are asked to bring a dish to pass for the next meeting which is our summer picnic starting at 6 pm on July 17th. The program will be done by Stonehedge Galleries and Gardens. 


                                       MAY MEETING

The annual plant auction was the highlight of the May meeting of the Fishing Creek Herb Guild for the 45 members in attendance. Bobbi Fleming chaired the plant auction committee.

President John Shott presented the properties of the herb of the

month, sweet woodruff. Sweet woodruff, a ground cover that is not delectable or edible to deer, was not featured in the food dishes on the buffet since it is not an herb edible to humans either. Dawn Kreamer won the door prize of grass of Parnassus.


Daniel Gasteiger will be the featured speaker on “Canning and

Preserving Herbs” at the June 19 meeting. Gasteiger, of Lewisburg, author of “Yes You Can! And Freeze and Dry It Too”, is making his second appearance at the Guild.

His entertaining and informative presentation last year focused on

small gardens and herbs. This year’s presentation speaks to the

growing interest in home grown food. Members may bring a guest to the meeting.


The July 17th meeting will begin an hour earlier (6 p.m.) for the

indoor picnic and presentation by artists from Stonehenge Galleries and Gardens, Tamaqua with a theme of “An Enchanted Evening". Members are asked to bring a dish to share for the picnic.