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Fishing Creek Herb Guild
The Fishing Creek Herb Guild welcomes you to our website. We hope that you enjoy your visit and come back again.
Annual Dues
Herb Guild Dues
are $15 per year.
Prospective members 
interested in joining
us may audit one
meeting at no charge.
Save these dates:  
March 20th- 7 pm
April 24th- 7 pm
May 15th- 7 pm
June 19th- 7 pm
July 17th- 6 pm
August 21st- 7 pm
Sept. 11th- 7 pm
October 16th- 7 pm
Nov. 20th- 7 pm
Dec. 18th- 6 pm
Garden Quote
 of the Month
Gardeners are good at nurturing,
and they have a great quality of
patience, they're tender.
They have to be persistent.
                                -Ralph Fiennes

What's New?

The Christmas Party
has been postponed until
Thursday, December 18th,
6 pm, at St. Matt's Church
123 N. Market St.,
Bloomsburg. See you then!
Christmas is coming
so wear your
ugliest holiday
sweater to the guild
Christmas party.
May your Christmas
be Ugly & Bright!
Prizes to the winner
of this challenge.
SILENT AUCTION for special cause...
Local artist and guild member, Carol Fraind,
has donated a painting for a Silent Auction
at the Christmas party as an extra fund
raiser for guild member, Sharon Reichard.
 Monthly Herb Study 
Each month an herb is
studied for its variety of uses
including medicinal, culinary
and ornamental. If you are
interested in learning more
about herbs and gardening, 
attend a meeting to see if you
would like to become a
member of the Herb Guild
Herb Guild sign at the
Bloomsburg Town Park 
Please don't park in the
St. Matt's Church lot.
Park in the lots near
the church. Thank you.
Also, we were asked not to 
park in the Salvation Army lot. 
Bloomsburg Fair
Herb Exhibit
Congratulations to
Bonnie Burke and the
Fair Committee for winning
a "Best of Show" Award at
this year's Bloomsburg
Fair for the herb display.